Our Offerings

Our Offerings

Consumer Specialist Products

Our aim is to develop tailor-made products that create solutions for relevant customer market and distribution channels.

Our Offerings

Parametric and Weather

This coverage helps fund the delay costs and economic losses of a project due to extreme weather events.

Our Offerings

Open Market Reinsurance

Choice, honesty and consistency underlie our desire to always achieve the best solutions available for our partners.

Consumer Specialist Products

We work with a range of banks, credit card providers and affinity groups; and distribute products through retailers, member and trade associations, financial organisations.

We have worked with specialist underwriters who have the expertise, relationships and experience to not only help non-specialist distributors understand the complexities of consumer financial products, but we can also help guide customers and distributors.

Our main aim is to develop tailor-made products that create a solution for relevant customer market and distribution channels, all while which support our trading partners' brands. Whether it's a new scheme, a bespoke product or refreshing an existing product, we welcome the chance to talk to you about any ideas you may have.

Parametric & Weather Products

Parametric insurance fills the gaps often left by traditional insurance. This coverage provides an alternative to help fund the delay costs and economic losses of a project due to extreme weather events such as rain, wind, snow accumulation, heat or cold.

Parametric solutions are a smart choice for contractors, owners and developers who manage projects exposed to weather events, such road construction and solar installations. They can also be excellent tools for managing risks associated with time-sensitive opening dates for projects such as stadiums or student housing, as well delays in the completion of a hospital or convention center that could have long-term ripple effects for a community.

Instead of indemnifying for an actual physical loss or damage, parametric insurance addresses the probability of an event happening. Parametric insurance sets predetermined parameters and payments — agreed upon by the insurer and the customer — for risks that can be objectively measured and verified by a third-party authority. Once that measurement is triggered, the claim is paid. That's it. Parametric insurance requires only that the threshold for the agreed-upon risk is met, and this objective approach also means claims can be paid expediently.

Open Market Reinsurance Products

Our teams provide choice to our business partners, with honesty and consistency underlying our desire to always achieve the best solutions available.

We underwrite a worldwide portfolio across a broad geographical base, providing an excellent service to our brokers and clients, producing enduring and valued relationships with our customers. We offer our brokers and clients a technical approach to pricing and breadth of knowledge from our specialist markets, ensuring that we enhanced our knowledge of the markets, clients and products. Through the a application of our underwriting expertise and proactive approach, we have the capability and flexibility to respond swiftly to market developments and structure bespoke products to match our clients' needs.

From providing product liability and recall to the largest Spare parts producer in Turkey to the Maritime ports liability in a major city in South Africa, we are proud to be the broker that can consider new and innovative solutions.

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We believe that the role of insurance intermediaries must be to enhance in the transactions, and the broker should demonstrate the ability to provide valuable input to the clients. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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